I'm Not Lookin' Back - Words and Music by Shelly Dubois (SOCAN)

Itís a cool Sunday morning  Iíve got miles ahead

Iíve got sunshine on my shoulders and music in my head

Iím headiní to a new place and itís too late to unpack

Iím gonna  keep on driviní and Iím not lookiní back


Iím goiní through the mountains and Iím headiní for the shore

Now Iím believiní I can do this even more

Iíve got my spirits to guide me and I feel Iím on track

Thereís a new life out there and Iím not lookiní back


           Oh Iím not lookiní back

            Iíve got too much to believe in

           Iím not lookiní back

            Iíve got to keep on goiní more


Well I drove through the mountains and I found the shore

Things are being different and I want to learn more

Thereís a whole new world out there and thereís no time to look back

Iím gonna keep on driviní and Iím not lookiní back

Iím gonna keep on driviní and Iím not lookiní back

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