It starts with a song, a song that can take your breath away or leave you with a tear in your eye.  Add to this a beautiful, clear, natural voice as strong as anybody coming out of Nashville these days and couple that with exceptional stage skills as an entertainer and you have Shelly Dubois.

                                  Robert McCourty, Artistic Director

                                    Island Folk Festival - Duncan, BC




  Dubois' music is honest and from the heart with a spirited energy that, in combination with Dubois' melodious voice and, playful twangy guitars, will make you want to get up and dance and sing along at the top of your lungs.

                 Jacquie Maynard, Peace River Record Gazette

                                                        Peace River, Alberta

Shelly Dubois loves country music.  You can hear it when you listen to her sing.


A Peace River, Alberta native, Dubois was raised on a steady diet of country classics.


Her father worked in the oil industry as a truck driver and her mother stayed at home, raising their five children.  The musically rich environment inspired Dubois to sing along to her parent's record collection, learning songs by artists such as Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Dolly Parton and many more.


At the age of eight, Dubois picked up her mother's accordion and two years later, she had a guitar in hand - strumming and singing to songs of home.


     "I love to sing songs that tell a story and create a connection with the listener.  It's a great feeling", says Dubois.


In May 2008, Dubois released her debut CD 'I'm Not Lookin' Back' a collection of well written stories, made believable through her powerful vocals that visit classic country stylings and country rock with the same ease.  All ten songs are penned by Dubois - 'About Men', 'I'm Not Lookin' Back' and 'Time for Leavin' receives internet radio play in Canada, the United States, Austria, France and the Netherlands.  You can also find 'I'm Not Lookin' Back' on the Songwriters Music Festival compilation CD.


Having experienced the loss of her daughter to brain cancer shortly after the release of her debut CD, Dubois' set all business aside and focused her attention to her family.



"I thought I would never sing again", says Dubois, "But with the encouragement from family, friends and my music family, I slowly eased back into my music and found that it was actually healing for me".

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Shelly's band...
Maurice Gaudreault - Bass Guitar
Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Born in Saskatchewan, raised in Port Alberni and Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, Maurice currently resides in the Cobble Hill area of the beautiful Cowichan Valley.  Maurice started taking music theory lessons at a young age, and then started teaching others to play music.  He has been playing in various venues with rock and roll bands since the age of 15.  He plays both bass and lead guitar; however, he returned to his Métis roots a number of years ago when he began playing the fiddle and venturing into playing country music.  He grew up listening to the clapping sounds of spoons and heel-stomping rhythm of his father’s old-time bands; Maurice’s music is inspired by many of Canada’s Métis fidders - such as Andy Dejarlis - as well as many country music artists.  Maurice’s life-long love for music is reflected in his rhythm and spirit, and in his renewed love for country music.  As Métis fiddle music is well-known for its distinctive up-tempo backbeat, it is this same moving energy that Maurice brings to the Shelly Dubois band on the bass guitar.
Mark Wing - Lead Guitar
Courtenay,  British Columbia
This country boy from a small midwestern town was surrounded by country and bluegrass music from a young age.  Having the opportunity to play with some of the great Grand Ole Opry musicians along with his years of playing classic rock has given him that edgy country pickin' twang that blends perfectly with Shelly's music.
Dubois delivers a powerful and 'bigger than life' performance with her strong, clear country voice and authentic style and has been compared to artists such as Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks), Paulette Carlson (Highway 101) and Stevie Nicks.
From small intimate venues to large festival stages, she embraces all chances to get before her fans.  Dubois enjoys performing solo, as a duo, a trio or with a band and has been in the company of artists such as Duane Steele, Chad Brownlee, Hey Romeo, Jason Blaine, Dean Brody, Jetty Road, Sawyer Brown, Lonestar, at events such as Merritt Mountain Music Fest, Calgary Stampede and Sunfest Country Music Festival in Duncan, BC.  Shelly also recently performed in the New Artist Showcase at the annual BC Country Music Industry Awards.
Driven by the power of music, Dubois is all about family and giving back.  She is a proud supporter of the British Columbia Childhood Cancer Parents Association (BCCCPA), as well as the Chantal Dubois Memorial Fund - a foundation to which she and her family founded.  Dubois proudly donates three dollars of each CD sale to the Chantal Dubois Memorial Fund which supports other families whose child(ren) are in need of financial assistance during their battle with Cancer.